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Metroflyer Media is an assignment based content provider specializing in video & still photography

Providing image content for web, print and visual media

SD & HD as well as Geo-referenced  gyrostabilized video from aerial, marine and land based platforms

Hyperspectral VNIR data across 126 bands of 4 nm bandwidth at sub meter resolution

IR Thermal Imaging via airborne platform

Oblique and Vertical

Custom Oblique

Custom Planimetric

Custom Vertical

Ground Level


Elevated Photography

Interior Photography

Construction Progress

Evidentiary Photography

Venue Photography

Event Photography




Site Review

Investment Portfolio

Vacant Land

Undeveloped Land


Urban Planning

Commercial Real Estate

Industrial Real Estate

Residential Real Estate

Agricultural Real Estate

Farm Auctions

Shopping Centers

Shopping Malls






Cities in immediate Service Area:

Cincinnati, OH

Columbus, OH

Dayton, OH

Fort Wayne, IN

Indianapolis, IN

Lexington, KY

Louisville, KY


  1. (317)490-5469


Metroflyer, LLC

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Above: Sunrise at Table Rock Lake, Missouri.

Left: Planimetric Vertical Image near Oxford, OH

Lower: Interior Architectural  Image in Easton; Columbus, OH

Below: Cincinnati Skyline Aerial

Below2: GE Office Complex in West Chester, OH

Below 3: Vertical Image of Construction Progress ; Wilmington, OH

Below 4: Transmission lines south of Richmond, IN

Bottom: Algal Blooms on Lake Erie via Hyper Spectral Imaging

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